Fillings, Compounds, Creams & Spreads

Maximum flexibility in making filling and compound masses.

Fillings and compounds allow a boundless variety of chocolate products to be made. CompLine™, a special-purpose production system developed by Bühler, does more than merely fully satisfy the most stringent flexibility requirements. In developing it, we also paid just as much attention to cost-efficient production processes. The chocolate-producing industry is rolling out ever-new product recipes: marzipan, persipan, gianduja, and nougat are just a few examples from the wide range of filling masses that flow into finest chocolate creations. We support this wealth of inventions by always offering producers innovative plant and equipment.

Bühler offers its CompLine™ as a universal solution for making compounds and filling as well as specialty masses like creams and spreads: The application of this fat mass system will prove to be extremely profitable especially when recipe changes are frequent. In addition to a mixing and a production tank, its also includes the compact Nova™ bead mill, which allows efficient blending, mixing, and grinding – both in the batch mode and in continuous belt-based production.

Consistent mass results and high sanitation bear out the superior technology offered by Bühler – and the filling masses produced using it speak for the taste of our customers.


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