Cereal Flakes

For the professional cooking of cereal flakes.

For the production of high-quality corn, wheat or multigrain products, Bühler offers round-the-clock extrusion systems as well as cooking processes according to the batch principle. Companies that choose Bühler as their technology partner know that their high quality standards in the production of cereal flakes will be completely satisfied. Whether through a storage elevator, Big Bag unloading station or in manual reception, the high technological level of Bühler systems already plays a key role in the reception and storage of raw materials. The blending process is characterized by precise dosing elements and automated functions.

In developing innovative systems and processes, Bühler's credo is flexibility and maximum hygiene. For the product-friendly production of cereal flakes, we have integrated both extrusion processes and traditional cooking methods into our process solutions.

Whether it's round-the-clock extrusion or batch cooking – each method always guarantees optimal product results and allows our customers to process either whole grains or finely structured semolinas and flours into crispy flakes under optimal cooking conditions. 



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