Durum Wheat Milling

Focused on semolina purity.

Milling durum wheat is different from conventional flour milling. The primary finished product is semolina, not flour. Careful cleaning and milling of the wheat is essential to prevent the presence of specks in the semolina. Durum wheat: For delicious pasta
Durum is the hardest of all wheats. Its high protein content, density and gluten strength all make it the ideal wheat for pasta. To achieve this, durum is processed into high-quality semolina. Additionally, durum flour and fine semolina are extensively being used in the Mediterranean and Northern Africa for local bread varieties.

Bühler: For consistent semolina quality
As the market and technology leader in the grain processing industry, Buhler’s tailored technologies meet the highest standards. The innovative solutions make it possible to achieve a rapid return on investment through outstanding product quality and high yields. For grading semolina and wheat middling’s, Bühler’s advanced semolina purifiers ensure an efficient separation of the bran particles for high-quality finished products.


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