Rice milling.

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Bühler is the global leader in optimised rice processing delivering yield, performance and efficiency superiority - with a comprehensive paddy to rice processing solution that includes pre-cleaning, paddy handling, drying, storage systems and milling. In rice milling, we design, manufacture and supply a full and complete range of equipment; paddy cleaners, hullers, rice whiteners, polishers, size graders, optical sorters, weighers, dosifiers for blending and bagging solutions.

Energy-efficient and designed to International Standards for product safety, Bühler's rice milling equipment are suitable to meet any requirements of rice processors; rice and paddy varieties, export or local markets - from small, medium to large scale milling plants from 2 tonnes to 16 tonnes per hour in a single line.

We optimise each milling process to ensure you meet food safety standards, deliver high product quality and reduce brokens – maximising your yield to the fullest.


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