Maintenance & Repairs

Bühler offers a range of service packages for its high-performance Perl Mills™ and roller mills. Customers can select between a straightforward assessment of the machine’s condition ranging all the way up to the all-inclusive offer with service, maintenance and spare part stockpiling. Service intervals are staggered according to production volume and the characteristics of the manufactured product.

Apart from regular service and maintenance, operating personnel also requires professional training in order to ensure optimal use of the machine. Bühler offers training courses for control, handling and maintenance in not only its premises at Uzwil, Switzerland, but also customer-oriented on-site training.

The rolls on a three-roll mill are exposed to a certain amount of wear. Due to the fact that product quality is dependent on the condition of the rolls, Bühler also provides complete roller revisions. Roller revisions are therefore a worthwhile investment to safeguard productivity and product quality.

Preventive maintenance guarantees that highly utilised machines are always fully operational. The key to securing operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the entire plant over a substantially longer period is professional maintenance and revisions.