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Die Casting Seminar Southeast Europe 2023

April 27-28, 2023
Medugorije (close to Mostar), Bosnia and Herzegovina
Presentations will be in English with translations where necessary

Improving the efficiency and productivity of your foundry are amongst the most important topics in the industry nowadays. We are thus hosting a seminar where we have invited key industry partners and Bühler experts to talk about the latest solutions and trends in the die-casting industry and answer your questions. The key topics of the seminar are energy efficiency and die casting innovations. The seminar will be rounded off by a networking event the next day, including lunch and dinner. 


Key reasons to join us


Join us to get insights into the latest industry innovations, solutions, and approaches to make your die-casting production more effective.

Expertise at hand

Together with key industry partners, we have put together a program so that you can benefit from the latest insights and knowledge from the industry's innovators.

Grow your network

Get in touch with the industry in your region. Take the opportunity to network, and build valuable relationships for you and your foundry.  

Agenda for seminar

April 26, 2023 (optional) What

Starting from 19:00 

Joint dinner

April 27, 2023 What Who

Until 09:00 

Individual arrival



Latest Bühler die casting developments

Bühler AG


Die steel & service innovations for improved HPDC productivity



Coffee break



Energy-efficient die casting by microspraying



Innovative Multiple Zone Temperature control of counter close cooling channels






Experience sharing of die casting foundry



State of the art trim technology for HPDC



Improving equipment lifetime

Bühler AG

From 18:30

Joint dinner

April 28, 2023  What

All day

Starting from 09:00 a.m.

Networking & experience the region

Planned activities:

Kravice Waterfalls

City tour Mostar

Wine tasting

Including lunch & dinner


Transport is organized by Bühler. A detailed program and timetable will follow with the confirmation.

Organizational information

Participation is free of charge. Information about practical matters, such as the hotel, will be sent out with the sign-up confirmation. For additional information or in case of questions feel free to contact us via die-casting@buhlergroup.com.