My life at Bühler

Kavitha Changappa

Team Leader HR, India

My life at Bühler

Kavitha Changappa

Team Leader HR, India

“At the start of my career at Bühler, we only had four female employees, but now we work in a diverse culture.”




I began my journey at Bühler as a Front Officer in 2004. Now I am a team leader in HR. When I joined, I had no idea what I could do or what my potential really was. However, Bühler has given me many opportunities to transform myself and become a true professional.

Before joining Bühler, I studied at Mysore University for a Bachelor of Science. I then completed a postgraduate diploma in Business Analytics, specializing in HR with SCDL, distance-learning in Pune.  At Bühler, I have continued to learn and am now a seasoned staff member working in different verticals of our HR process. Bühler also provides a safe working environment for female employees, with mutual trust, respect and empowerment.

What do you do as an HR leader?

My role is to help the organization to grow. I currently work across global master data management, employee engagement and recognition, employee communication and involvement, retainer management, HR reporting and compliance.

But I am also permanently learning new skills. Therefore, I can also support with performance management, time office management, general administration, training and development, front office management and more. So it is a long list!

What is Bühler’s work culture like?

At Bühler, we always explore creativity. The hunger for innovation makes us a strong company. But Bühler also respects the effort and contribution that we all make to create innovative products. This keeps our staff motivated and our customers happy.

What does a new joiner need to bring to Bühler?

To join Bühler, you need to be eager and curious to learn. You need to want to experiment and use your skills to grow. Be ready for challenges and mobility. For young talents, Bühler can definitely offer an exciting career in an innovative environment. But you need to be open to change and challenges, be willing to adapt and mobile.

What is next for you at Bühler?

I have been at Bühler for more than ten years. It has been an exciting journey and I look forward to moving forward with the same zeal.


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