My life at Bühler

Jay O'Nien

International Management Trainee, Switzerland

My life at Bühler

Jay O'Nien

International Management Trainee, Switzerland

“I chose Bühler for my career start because the organization has a high impact potential, the business takes a long-term perspective and the graduate program is unique.”




My first contact with Bühler was through the UNITECH program. I later began my journey with Bühler in the Digital Technologies business area in London in Product Development.

The internship confirmed my interest in Bühler and motivated me to apply for the Management Trainee Program. I particularly enjoy the entrepreneurial culture, the opportunities available and the diversity of people within the organization. I am currently in the first year of my three-year Management Trainee Program. I work as an assistant to the head of the Feed business unit. This provides a helicopter view of the business and valuable exposure, as I learn how different functions fit together. I work in the Strategy, Operation and Digital Product Development business unit. 

What do you like about the Management Trainee Program?

The training program is challenging but extremely rewarding. I work with many new topics but I am provided the tools, network and support to succeed with my projects. For example exchanging ideas with the other Trainees across the business.

With the training program there are 3 rotations, which means I can experience several roles and create a diverse experience. The three-year program includes an end-to-end project and an entrepreneurial element in the second and third year. The rotations and responsibilities are shaped to each individual. For me, this was the unique selling point for the program: structured rotations that provide opportunities with the flexibility to consider participants individually.

What about the other trainees on the program?

We have seven trainees in their first year with backgrounds in food science, management, engineering and finance. Our group members come from several different nationalities. 

What support do you get?

We all have a mentor who supports us during the entire three years of the Management Trainee Program. They come from a different business unit than where we work. This helps you grow your professional network and understand the diversity of the company. It is also nice to have the possibility to address work-related issues and talk openly about challenges in day-to-day business.

What did you do before Bühler?

I hold a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Loughborough University in the UK. My studies included working as a structural engineer for 18 months. I also participated in the UNITECH program, which meant studying at Chalmers University in Sweden and working in strategic human resources in Germany developing the organizational culture. 

How did you discover Bühler?

I learned about Bühler through UNITECH. That is when I applied for an internship at the London office. I worked there in product development for seven months. This was a great way to see the corporate culture and understand the opportunities. I quickly realized that I wanted to continue working at Bühler after my internship ended. That is why I took the opportunity and applied for the International Management Trainee Program and moved to their head office in Uzwil where I was accepted.

What do you do outside of work?

I love outdoor sports, which means Switzerland is perfect. I am a triathlete, so I spend a lot of time running and cycling in the Swiss countryside and mountains and swimming in the lakes. I also enjoy skiing.

I work with schools and universities moderating workshops. In schools I try to get students to think critically about their higher education and encourage more women to become engineers. At universities, I try to foster a spirit of personal development using workshops to create a stimulating environment and encourage students to engage with global issues.  

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