Meet SPARK Pro.

Our most simple-to-use optical sorter.

  • Simple operation for expert results.
  • Zero-spillage design, so you don’t waste valuable material.
  • 75 years of experience at our lowest-ever price point.
  • Multi-commodity. From grains and pulses to rice, coffee, or spices, SPARK Pro makes them better.

Affordable price. Expert results.

We listened to you. Supplier prices are soaring. Harvests are unpredictable. And competition is high.

We analyzed every component and pushed down every profit margin to create our most affordable sorter ever. No matter your commodity, SPARK Pro gives you simple operation and reliable performance, every time.

Built for industrial purpose.

Quality needs to thrive in any environment. That’s why we put SPARK Pro forward for intense testing and certification. Giving you a quality that is dependable and consistent, SPARK Pro will give you the peace of mind to pass regulation standards every time.

Designed to reduce waste.

Familiar scenario? You are up to your neck in the costs of raw materials, and you find it spilled on the floor. Add that all up and it’s a lot of waste and money. With SPARK Pro, you have a zero-spillage design, so you can make every grain count.

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SPARK Pro: It simply works.

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