Bühler and PRIMIX Corporation sign cooperation agreement

Uzwil/Osaka, 04/10/2012

– Bühler shall under an exclusive cooperation agreement with PRIMIX Corporation offer electrode slurry production plants for lithium ion batteries in Europe and North America. The key technological element utilized, the FILMIX™, was inspired from the Japanese tea ceremony bamboo brush.

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Bühler Signs Contract for 100% Acquisition of Leybold Optics

Uzwil, 04/04/2012 –  The Bühler Technology Group has reached an agreement with the seller EQT III on the 100% acquisition of Leybold Optics. The transaction must still be approved by the competent antitrust authorities. For Bühler, the acquisition marks yet another important step in the expansion of the activities of its Advanced Materials division. Read more

Successful Fiscal 2011 in a Tough Environment

Uzwil – , 03/22/2012

With sales (turnover) of CHF 2131 million, the global Bühler Technology Group once again achieved solid growth of about 12% (adjusted for exchange rates and organic plus 15%). Order intake rose by more than 3% to CHF 2233 million, in local currencies and adjusted for acquisitions by 8%. EBIT was increased at a high level by over 7% to CHF 218 million (10.2 percentage points of sales), and net profits by 3% to CHF 163 million. For current fiscal 2012, the Executive Board expects a moderate increase in volumes due to the uncertain economic situation.

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Excellent energy savings with new pasta dryer


Uzwil – Compared to conventional dryers, the Ecothermatik™ uses 40% less heat, 20% less cooling and 10% less electricity. This delivers serious cost savings along with the highest quality long-cut pasta. Its streamlined design also allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

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Bühler is well on track

01/17/2012 Uzwil – The Bühler Technology Group performed well once again in 2011, with an order intake of CHF 2230 million. This translates into organic growth of 9% in local currencies. Sales (turnover) in local currencies rose by an even stronger 17% to CHF 2130 million. Read more

Schmidt-Seeger GmbH is now Bühler GmbH

01/12/2012 Uzwil – In September 2010, Schmidt-Seeger GmbH was acquired by the Bühler Technology Group. Now that the integration has been completed, the company will in the future appear solely under the name Bühler GmbH. The acquisition of this German grain management specialist has enabled Bühler to significantly increase its conveying, cleaning, drying, dedusting, and storage competencies, especially in the area of grain collection. These capabilities are now united in the Grain Logistics business unit. Read more

Ruth Metzler New Member of the Board of Bühler

12/16/2011 Uzwil – Ruth Metzler joins the Board of the worldwide Bühler Technology Group. Read more

Integration of previously independent legal entity Bühler Druckguss into Bühler

11/29/2011 Uzwil – As of January 1, 2012, the globally active Bühler Technology Group will integrate its die casting company Bühler Druckguss AG into Bühler AG. On the same day, the German subsidiary Bühler Druckgiessysteme GmbH will be integrated into Bühler GmbH. Procedures and processes will be simplified as a result with a view to optimising value for the customer. The German location will also be extended and strengthened. Read more

15th place for Bühler employees at the World Solar Challenge 2011

10/27/2011 Uzwil – SER 1 has mastered its trip across Australia with flying colors: 15th place of 37 in the total ranking and “Best Newcomer Award”. The success of the race was amply celebrated in Adelaide on Sunday evening together with the winning Tokai team from Japan. Bühler congratulates the Solar Energy Racers cordially on this great accomplishment. Read more

Bühler acquires manufacturing capacity from Rieter in the Czech Republic

10/26/2011 Uzwil – Uzwil-based technology group Bühler is to acquire two manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic from Rieter, the textile machinery group based in Winterthur. These operate as suppliers to Rieter and other companies in various industrial sectors. This move gives both companies additional flexibility in manufacturing and in balancing capacity, and creates optimal preconditions for the long-term further development of these plants. Read more

Bühler employees start at the World Solar Challenge 2011 with their own Solarmobil

10/04/2011 The countdown for the Bühler employees taking part in this year’s World Solar Challenge is running. For over one year, the team built and tested its own solar-powered vehicle – the Solarmobil – after work. Now, from October 16 – 23, it is part of the action in this most grueling solar vehicle race in the world. Bühler is proud of the team and is keeping its fingers crossed. Read more

Bühler beschliesst befristete Arbeitszeitverlängerung

26.08.2011 Uzwil – Aufgrund der extremen Wechselkursverzerrungen hat die Konzernleitung von Bühler gemeinsam mit der Mitarbeiterkommission entschieden, die Arbeitszeit in der Schweiz ab 1. September 2011 temporär auf 42,5 Stunden pro Woche zu erhöhen. Read more

Fiscal 2010: Profitable Growth

03/24/2011 Uzwil – The global Bühler Technology Group has once again grown markedly in its anniversary year 2010. Order intake increased 21% to CHF 2160 million, sales revenue (turnover) 11% to CHF 1907 million, and operating profits (EBIT) at a higher-than-proportional rate to 10.6% of total sales. The Group owes this success especially to the identification of market trends such as improved food safety and higher energy efficiency. For the current fiscal year 2011, Bühler expects to further increase its turnover. Read more

Successful Anniversary Year 2010

02/08/2011 Uzwil – The Bühler Technology Group can look back on an encouraging business year 2010. For the first time in the Group’s 150-year history, order intake exceeded the mark of two billion Swiss francs. Also sales and operating result (EBIT) continued to grow. Read more

Bühler investiert in neue Produktion in Uzwil

24.01.2011 Der Technologiekonzern Bühler investiert über die nächsten fünf Jahre rund CHF 70 Mio. in die Fabrikation in Uzwil. Damit werden optimale Voraussetzungen geschaffen für den weiteren Ausbau der Fliessfertigung in der Produktion. Read more

Bühler acquires the US company Draiswerke, Inc.

01/12/2011 Uzwil – The Bühler Technology Group acquired the US company Draiswerke, Inc. just before the end of the year 2010 and is thus strengthening its position in the North American market. In the long term, this move especially stands to offer promising prospects as a supplier to the trendsetting Cleantech industry. Read more

Bühler acquires Schmidt-Seeger

09/22/2010 Uzwil – The acquisition of Schmidt-Seeger by Bühler announced on August 20, 2010 has been approved by the German Federal Cartel Office without any restrictions. Both companies are highly satisfied and look forward to achieving the envisioned global growth targets together. Read more

Bühler Strengthens Position in the Coffee Segment

08/25/2010 Uzwil – The Bühler Technology Group has acquired a stake in the Italian company Petroncini Impianti S.p.A. With this technology-driven partnership, Bühler is strengthening its position in the medium and top coffee market segments and thus offering the coffee processing industry new, targeted solutions for producing roasted and ground coffee. Read more

Bühler about to acquire Schmidt-Seeger

08/20/2010 Uzwil – The Bühler Technology Group plans to acquire the German company Schmidt-Seeger. With this strategic acquisition, Bühler will supplement its portfolio in the area of Grain Processing. The contract has been signed. The acquisition still requires approval of the German Federal Cartel Office. Read more

Bühler Barth and Log5: Winners of 2010 IFT innovation award

08/19/2010 Uzwil - Bühler Barth AG, Freiberg, Germany, and Phoenix MD based Log5 Corporation received the prestigious 2010 IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) Food Expo Innovation Award for their Controlled Condensation Pasteurization (CCP) technology on Sunday, July 18, 2010 at the McCormick convention center in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Read more

Bühler wins large-scale order from Saudi Arabia

08/16/2010 Uzwil - The Bühler Technology Group has been awarded a large-scale contract worth a total of CHF 110 million in Saudi Arabia. Read more

Bühler commits to food safety

07/20/2010 Uzwil - The Bühler Technology Group is supporting the “Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership” (GIFSL) within the scope of multi-year support to the University of Minnesota. Read more

Change in the Board of Directors of Bühler

07/14/2010 Uzwil - A change has taken place in the Board of Directors of Bühler AG. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Doerig, Chairman of the Board of the Credit Suisse Group AG, is leaving the Board because he has reached the age limit. His successor is Dr. Konrad Hummler, Managing Partner of Wegelin & Co. Private Bankers. Read more

Bühler strengthens its position in China

06/10/2010 Uzwil, June 10, 2010 – The Bühler Technology Group has acquired 100% of the Chinese company Bangsheng Bio-Technology Co. Ltd. Bangsheng, the Chinese market leader in the field of flour improvement solutions for specialty flours, is opening up additional opportunities for Bühler in a market segment that is extremely promising for the future. Read more

Fiscal Year 2009: Leadership Maintained

03/30/2010 Uzwil – The Bühler Technology Group successfully maintained its position in fiscal 2009 in an extremely challenging environment and in the face of individual markets which developed along widely varying lines, also gaining further market share. With sales (turnover) of CHF 1721 million, the Group increased its profit by 3% to CHF 104 million despite restructuring costs and goodwill write-offs, and adjusted for exchange rates by even 5%. The corresponding margin increased to 6%. The return on operational assets (RONOA) rose to 34%. Process improvements, a firm local presence in growing markets, and a positive financial result contributed to this outstanding result. Bühler faces the current fiscal year with confidence. The order backlog as of the end of 2009 amounted to CHF 962 million, which is 7% above the level of the previous year. Read more

Bühler Partec´s risk management system certified

11/11/2007 Bühler Partec, a firm active in nanotechnology, is one of the first companies worldwide to introduce a certified risk management system. The certificate was granted to Bühler Partec at the NanoEurope industry trade fair in St Gallen, Switzerland, by German certification body TÜV Süd, which has tested and certified the applied system according to established criteria and safety requirements. Read more

Making great strides

04/03/2007 In fiscal 2006, the international Bühler Technology Group enjoyed vigorous growth. Sales (turnover) increased by 7% to CHF 1,613 million from a year ago, and the operating result (EBIT) by 24% to CHF 97 million. Net earnings increased by 60% to 116 million. For the current fiscal year, the Group expects continued sales and earnings growth. Read more

Bühler Group Appoints Josef M. Müller as New Member of the Board

09/25/2007 The Group’s annual general meeting appointed the former Nestlé manager Josef M. Müller as new member of the board of the Bühler Group. Following his return from China, he has now assumed his functions. Read more

Bindler-FlexiStamp™ Flexible Stamping Head System

01/04/2007 The chocolate industry is finding itself confronted with new challenges due to the increasing variety of recipes and smaller production batches. This wide variety of products requires faster production changes, shorter production cycles, and higher equipment flexibility. The new FlexiStamp™ stamping head system developed by Bindler offers an outstanding solution for achieving flexible batch production. Read more

Bühler PARTEC and Brenntag Schweizerhall collaborate to market Carbon-Nanotube Dispersions

11/05/2007 Basel/Uzwil, 5. November 2007 – Bühler PARTEC, a company active in nanotechnology, and Brenntag Schweizerhall, provider of specialty and bulk chemicals, are collaborating to bring the value of Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) to the market. The collaboration involves the development and production of tailor-made CNT dispersions by Bühler and their marketing and distribution by Brenntag Schweizerhall. Read more

Bühler acquires majority stake in G.W. Barth AG

11/23/2007 The Swiss Bühler Technology Group has retroactively acquired a majority stake in the German company G.W. Barth AG with effect from July 1, 2007. G. W. Barth AG, a system supplier to the confectionery and food industries, provides services, equipment, production installations, and turnkey factories especially for the treatment and processing of cocoa and nuts. The company thus ideally supplements the Bühler portfolio. G.W. Barth will be integrated as Bühler Barth in the Bühler Chocolate & Cocoa business unit. The current site of G.W. Barth in the German city of Freiberg will be retained and be developed into a joint center of competence. Read more

Sustainable success

04/03/2008 In fiscal 2007, the Bühler Technology Group once again markedly increased its sales (turnover) and result, thus setting a new record in the company’s history. Sales revenues increased by 10% to CHF 1773 million from a year ago. The operating result (EBIT) rose by 34% to CHF 138 million. Orders were received for CHF 1838 million, which is 9% higher than in 2006. Net profits improved from a year ago by about CHF 10 million to CHF 130 million. For fiscal 2008, the Group expects further growth of sales and profits, despite the emerging economic slowdown in some markets. Read more

Full order books at Bühler

01/23/2008 The Bühler Technology Group booked orders worth CHF 1,835m in the year 2007. This is 8.5% above the previous year’s level. Read more

Cooperation of Bühler and Aveka

02/29/2008 Bühler and Aveka have teamed up to operate a new shared development and demonstration laboratory in North America for wet grinding and dispersion applications. Read more

Bühler Partec among the top third of companies firms active in nanotechnology

02/21/2008 Bühler Partec, which specializes in chemical nanotechnology, was awarded the rating “positive” by New York, USA based emerging technology research and advisory firm Lux Research in its latest reference study, The Nanotech Report, 5th Edition. This external and independent evaluation therefore sees Bühler Partec among the top 31% of the companies active in nanotechnology studied in the report. Read more

Bühler acquires Aeroglide

06/25/2008 The Bühler Technology Group has acquired all the shares of the U.S. firm Aeroglide Inc. through the signing and closing of a definitive agreement with U.S.-based, Compass Diversified Holdings (CODI). Aeroglide, a mechanical engineering company that is a market leader in the field of drying and other thermal processes, is active in the food, feed, and industrial sectors. Aeroglide has supplemented the Bühler product range for years as a supplier. The acquisition will enable the future joint development of optimally matched solutions. Bühler will operate Aeroglide as an autonomous center of competence in the form of a business unit. Read more

150th Bühler Anniversary: Celebrating with Customers

02/13/2010 Uzwil – A festive event was held in Uzwil on February 12 for customers from all corners of the world and other guests to mark the start of the Anniversary Year 2010. Read more

Bühler achieves satisfactory business result in 2009

02/03/2010 Uzwil – The Bühler Technology Group looks back upon a satisfactory course of business in 2009. Read more

Bühler continues its growth

01/23/2009 The Bühler Technology Group continued its growth in fiscal 2008. Order bookings rose by 3 percent, while sales revenue grew by some 7 percent. The operating profit increased at an above-proportional rate. Read more

Strategic collaboration between Bühler and Micronisers Australasia Pty Ltd

11/27/2009 Bühler Group has entered into a strategic collaboration in the field of nano-sized performance additives with the Australian company Micronisers Australasia Pty Ltd. Read more

Capacity adjustment at Bühler sites in Switzerland

08/19/2009 The Bühler Technology Group is experiencing a decline in demand in particular in Europe. As no recovery is expected before the end of 2010, the Group is trimming its capacities in Switzerland by some 5 percent by the end of 2009. Read more

Fiscal 2008: High Operating Performance

04/02/2009 In fiscal 2008, the Bühler Technology Group increased its sales (turnover) by about 7% to CHF 1893 million, and with an EBIT margin of 8.4% achieved an excellent operating result. Due to the negative financial result, the Group’s overall result declined by 22% from a year ago, to CHF 101 million. Order bookings increased by approximately 3% to CHF 1891 million (previous year: CHF 1838 million). The backlog of orders as of the end of 2008, which rose by 9% to CHF 948 million, and the existing portfolio together form a strong foundation for fiscal 2009. However, in individual business units, volumes are expected to be lower than a year before. Read more

Bühler remains family-owned

01/05/2009 Uzwil, January 05, 2009 - Urs Bühler, the sole owner of the Bühler Technology Group, has planned the ownership succession at a later date with his three daughters and thus created the basis for ensuring that the Group will remain in the hands of the family. Read more

New head of Bühler Bindler

12/21/2009 Christian Walter took charge of Bühler Bindler in Bergneustadt effective June 1, 2009. Read more

Change in the Advanced Materials division

01/11/2010 Effective September 1, 2009, a change took place in the top management of the Bühler Grinding & Dispersion business unit. Read more

Energy Symposium of Bühler Die Casting

01/06/2010 In cooperation with the local sales force, the Bühler Die Casting business unit organized a special Energy Symposium in June, which was held in the EU Congress Center in Brdo in Slovenia. Read more

Sustained Growth

04/06/2006 The international Bühler Technology Group increased its consolidated sales by 3.2 percent to CHF 1.5 billion in fiscal 2005. Order bookings rose by 3.8 percent to CHF 1.53 billion. The operating result (EBIT) was maintained at the level of the previous year at CHF 78 million, and net profits increased by 1.3 percent to CHF 72 million. Read more

Bühler continues to grow

02/02/2006 In fiscal 2005, the Bühler Group achieved consolidated sales of CHF 1.5 billion. Compared to the previous year, this translates into growth of 3 percent. Group man-agement is expecting an operating result (EBIT) at the level of a year ago. Read more


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