Bühler Insect Technology Solutions

Joint venture for insect processing.

Using the power of insects, Bühler Insect Technology Solutions (BITS) provides modular solutions for the industrial-scale transformation of organic residues into quality ingredients. We cover the entire supply chain from feedstock handling to rearing, separation and extraction. BITS is a joint venture between Protix, the leading insect company, and Bühler, the technology group for food, feed and advanced material processing.

Nine billion people are expected to live on our planet by 2050. To feed them all, we will need more than 250 million metric tons of additional protein a year – that is an increase of 50% compared to today. Providing this growing global population with protein requires new and innovative approaches as existing sources are overused and expanding them is problematic for the environment.

Added to the population challenge is the fact that we don’t use the food we produce very efficiently. Roughly one-third of the food intended for human consumption is lost or wasted every year. This is not only a loss of valuable nutritional resources, but also a challenge in terms of disposal. In many regions, landfill or incineration are the prevalent solutions for dealing with food waste, and they come with their own problems. There is an ongoing quest for new and efficient technologies to better deal with organic waste.

Insects offer a unique opportunity to address both challenges: protein supply and organic waste disposal. Insects close the loop on organic waste as they recycle nutrients that are otherwise lost and they bring them back into the food value chain. Today, this sustainable solution is not only feasible – it can be realized on a large scale and in an economical way.

Video: Andreas Aepli, CEO Bühler Insect Technology Solutions

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Video: Kees Aarts, CEO & Founder PROTIX

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