ContiMix continuous dough extruder

ContiMix continuous dough extruder – Decisive for high-quality end products.

- Continuous dough quality with customizable viscoelasticity
- Adjustable dough band
- Redundant dough resting, as such CAPEX and OPEX savings
- Hygienic design and reproducible production process

ContiMix continuous dough extruder

For the production of consistent doughs for laminated, flat or rolled bakery products. Various configuration options allow a rapid, recipe-based adjustment to the desired dough specifications.

Process optimization.
A closed processing zone ensures a continuous product flow according to the first-in-first-out principle. The dough band is immediately ready for the next production phase, shortening the entire production time. Depending on the end product, subsequent equipment in the folding and proofing steps can be eliminated. Thus, investment can be cut.

A dough that saves money.
Optimal mechanical, thermal and pressure treatment produce a homogeneous dough with a high plasticity. The extruded band remains its shape, reducing scrap production. The non-sticky dough surface cuts or even eliminates the use of dusting flour. Up to 9 % higher dough yield ensure a quick payback.

Top quality end products.
Dough produced with ContiMix provides the essential conditions for improved volume and crumb structure. Especially when working with butter or margarine, the short process with low temperatures also has a favorable effect on the taste of the baked goods.

Optimized food safety.
Due to the unique design features such as the closed process chamber, the ContiMix™ guarantees not only highest food safety standards cut also ease of cleaning and servicing.

Premium croissants with Contimix - Forno d'Asolo, Italy

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