SORTEX F Optical sorter

SORTEX F Optical sorter – Now available with SORTEX PolarVision™ technology and two size variants to meet different processing and capacity requirements.

- Unprecedented foreign material and defect detection.
- Hygienic design with zero tolerance for contamination.
- Fully equipped for a digital world.

SORTEX F Optical Sorter

Fruit and vegetable sorting redefined.

Representing the last-word in food safety and performance. Designed for hygienic operation and custom-built for unprecedented, pin-point detection of subtle colour defects, extraneous vegetable matter and foreign materials for frozen fruit and vegetable processing.

Available in two machine sizes to suit all processing, capacity and plant footprint requirements and is now available with SORTEX PolarVision™ technology for maximum food safety - no tolerance for contamination.

SORTEX FA1 Optical Sorter
Design for use in processing plants as well as in packing halls for final quality checking. Compact footprint – ideal for fruit and vegetable processors with limited floor space in processing plants and lower throughput requirements. Designed to handle processing capacities of up to 7 tonnes per hour.

SORTEX FA2 Optical Sorter
Designed for processors with higher throughput requirements, at any point after the IQF or in the packing line. Designed to handle processing capacities of up to 14 tonnes per hour.

Unprecedented foreign material and defect detection
For unrivalled food safety standard.

• Available with breakthrough SORTEX PolarVision™ technology, which combines two pioneering technologies; PolarCam™ and InGaAsHD - with new Ejector+ for unrivalled foreign material and defect detection.

• Equipped with Bühler’s industry leading, high definition visible cameras to detect gross and subtle colour defects, ensuring product quality and uniformity is achieved every time.

• Next generation infrared detection technology from Bühler, optimised for enhanced plastic detection, now comes in high definition with double the resolution to detect foreign materials down to half the size.

Hygienic design
No tolerance for contamination.

• Designed with the highest levels of food safety and hygiene in mind. From the stainless steel frame, slopped surfaces, hygienic conduits, stainless steel air set and hygienic grade fixings, for the most hygienic solution in the market with no tolerance for product build-up.

• The cutting-edge design is not only practical for the frozen fruit and vegetable processing industry but offers superior access and cleanability too. Featuring an innovative UHMW-PE chute that can be adjusted upwards allowing operators to step inside of the machine to clean.

• Unique to Bühler, the receptacle is easily opened and closed to give processors deeper access for cleaning, reducing the risk of contamination.

Fully equipped for a digital world
Seamless integration of technologies – easy to operate and intuitive to use.

• New SORTEX ProSortX™ operating software comes as standard. Featuring a fresh new interface that’s modern, clean and intuitive to use.

• Equipped with a new and larger 17inch touch screen user interface, simplifying usability for the operator.

• Featuring self-learning features, pre-set and user-defined modes for click and forget sorting that minimises operator intervention


SORTEX F PolarVision

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