SORTEX B MultiVision™ optical sorter

SORTEX B MultiVision™ optical sorter - Consistent balanced, colour sorting performance coupled with size detection and grading technology.

- Excellent colour sorting
- High capacity and flexibility
- Advanced inspection system
- SORTEX® quality & efficiency
- PROsize™ technology as standard

SORTEX B MultiVision™ optical sorter

 Consistent balanced, colour sorting performance coupled with size detection and grading technology. The SORTEX B MultiVision™ delivers a consistent, balanced sorting performance for modern, mainstream sorting. Through its superior feed and vision systems combined with its processing capabilities, the SORTEX B MultiVision™ delivers the most cost effective sorting performance to date, using a combination of unique Bühler technologies for the subtlest colour detection.

Designed to sort a range of applications including nuts, seeds, coffee, pulses and plastics with speed, efficiency and reliability - increasing profitability by minimising the loss of good product.

Excellent colour sorting

The SORTEX B MultiVision™ uses multiple visible wavelengths, allowing the detection of not only light and dark defects, but other colour variations and foreign material for the most complex sorting applications

High capacity and flexibility

Available in one to five modules to handle small and large scale processing requirements thanks to the advanced SORTEX® feed system.

Advanced inspection system

This sophisticated, cost effective optical sorter is equipped with Bühler’s most advanced optical sorting technology including: PROsize™ technology, part of Bühler’s world renowned proprietary sorting technology, the PROsize™ analysis system excels at the separation of under sized produce, particularly helpful in the removal of broken product. PROsize™ is also efficient in the detection of foreign materials and the removal of contaminants such as split from whole, immature, sticks, stones, glass, mud balls and other foreign material to achieve optimum product quality and safety.

SORTEX® quality & efficiency

Typical to a SORTEX optical sorter the SORTEX B MultiVision™ combines exemplary ease of use with efficient and powerful commodity sorting.

The SORTEX B system allows for the pre-installation of 100 operator modes allowing for the quick change over of products.

Peace of mind

SORTEX TotalCare™ performance protection is available on this machine and features multiple customisable options to suit all customer requirements.

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