TotalCare™ Anyware

Supervised Functionality.


TotalCare™ Anyware provides a working record of operational information. Reports can be processed that enable machine health to be monitored and preventative maintenance to be scheduled.

Alert messages can be automatically sent to the Bühler server should an optical sorter develop a fault or operates outside normal working parameters.

A Bühler engineer can then review the information received in the alert and advise whether adjustment is needed, or whether the issue needs further attention.

Key highlights:

  • Monitors machine health
  • Reviewed by Bühler experts monthly
  • Recommendations are made on performance optimisation
  • Eliminate unexpected downtime
  • Supervised functionality

Enhance Performance,
Maximise profitability.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is measured?
Onboard sensors collect detailed information from a number of key components. Ejectors, wipers, cameras, calibration, lamps, internal temperatures, boards and air pressures are just some of the functions that are monitored to ensure productivity and best performance.

How are faults identified?
For unexpected faults, engineers are alerted via email with a report detailing the cause of the issue. They can then contact you with the exact knowledge, parts and tools to fix the problem swiftly.


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