ChocoStar™ Welded

ChocoStar™ Welded - ChocoStar™ W is designed for spot, ribbon and OneShot depositing into intermittent loose moulds.

- Hygienic design
- Modularity
- Accessibility and visibility
- Reliable performance

ChocoStar™ Welded

In a fresh and functional design, the ChocoStar™ Welded sets new standards in modularity of Bühler moulding lines. Bühler offers a marathon runner for the cost-effective production of solid and OneShot articles, meeting highest quality demands. Hygienic design
The ChocoStar™ Welded is flexible and compact as race-track configured. The moulds are conveyed via a chain pair from section to section. Starting the moulds from an automatic stacking device and through an infrared heater, the chocolate gets deposited. After that, a vibration table distributes the chocolate evenly in the moulds, until the chocolate solidifies in the final cooler. With its fully 3D laser cut and welded stainless steel structure, the ChocoStar™ Welded exceeds hygienic design demands of today.

The machine parts are based on main modules, which are configurable with process components. Focusing on the simplification of the mechanical and electrical system design, Innovations of today and tomorrow can be integrated in the existing modules.

Accessibility and visibility
Large doors on the whole line enable easy access for cleaning operations. The smart soluted concept can reduce cleaning times and enables for intuitive operation. Important processes are all visible for process control through the transparent covers.

Reliable performance
High operational reliability and constant high quality are major factors for the economic production of solid chocolate articles, such as chocolate bars. With the precise depositing of a PowerShot™, the ChocoStar™ Welded is a real “Star” at making the best out of chocolate.


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