Drops Depositing Line DropsMaster™

Drops Depositing Line DropsMaster™ – High Quality and Performance

- Fully automatic line for semi-finished products
- High output producible
- Steel belt or plastic belt solution available

Drops Depositing Line DropsMaster™

Drops, chips, chunks or kibbles – semi-finished products at full speed.

Whether chocolate or compound masses, the newly developed drops depositing line DropsMaster™ underlines the cost-effective manufacture of semi-finished products. Depositing takes place directly onto a continuously moving plastic or steel belt.

Flexible line configuration
Each line is trimmed to individual requirements – depending on how and where it is to be installed. In doing so, we set ourselves highest standards with regard to hygienic design, design of depositors, transport belt or cooling tunnel.

Usability and functionality
The optionally available SMED depositing system ensures quick product change-overs and special nozzle plates allow the deposit of 30,000 drops – at almost microscopic size - per kilogramme of material used. The belt lifting table enables precise tail break while the depositor and the transport belt move synchronously during the deposit process. A successive gentle vibration gives the drops their final shape.

Stable processes
Effective cooling is provided by an adjustable convection or bottom cooling system. Alternatively or also additionally to the depositor further equipment – e.g. to produce chunks – can be installed. Here, a mass carpet is deposited onto the belt and given its familiar shape by use of cutting knife and slicing device.


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