Combistoner MTCG

Combistoner MTCG – unified integrated solution for maximum process efficiency with highest product quality

- Broad range of applications
- High throughput capacity
- Combined functions
- Optionally supplemented with MANW air-recycling reparator

Combistoner MTCG

The Combistoner MTCG of Bühler is a universal application for efficiently separating stones, glass and other solid parts from various types of grain such as wheat, durum, corn, rye, oats, barley and rice.
It ensures the cleanly preparation of the raw product and lays the foundation for producing high-quality food.
Broad range of applications
  • Efficiently separating of solid parts
  • Large capacity range
  • Applicable for versatile grain types

High throughput capacity

  • High performance on a small footprint
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Pre-classification offers high throughput up to 28 t/h

Combined functions

  • Two functions in one process step
  • Classification into mixed- and high density products
  • Strong destoning with high selectivity

Optionally supplemented with MANW air-recycling separator

  • Feeds a large part of the filtered air back into the process
  • Reduces the energy consumption up to 30 %
  • Lowers space requirements and investment costs


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