ChoCoat™ Favorit

ChoCoat™ Favorit – the easy way to get into industrial coatings for products

- Proven ChoCoat™ functioning
- Attractive price
- Ideal for small plants and product development

ChoCoat™ Favorit

The easy way to start product enrobing on an industrial scale. The ChoCoat Favorite 420 is the smallest enrobing machine available in the portfolio. The machine is very compact and equipped with the latest features that ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the machine is optionally portable.

Suitable for all chocolates and compounds as well as for chocolates with low fat content and all other coating masses.

The ChoCoat is the perfect machine, which is also suitable for multi-shift operation.

Standard work width (mm): 420

Confectionery products

Comprehensive portfolio for cooking, forming, cooling, cutting and enrobing confectionery products.


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