AeroFeed OSP/OBP Oscillating Feeder

AeroFeed OSP/OBP Oscillating Feeder - improve productivity, energy use and profit

- Increase in dryer production
- Increase in energy efficiency
- Reduced moisture variation in the final product
- More profitable process

AeroFeed OSP/OBP Oscillating Feeder

Improve bed depth consistency and increase saleable yield, product quality, energy efficiency, and dryer output

The AeroFeed OSP/OBP feeder is designed to significantly improve product depth consistency across the dryer conveyor by providing greater control over the travel speed of the feeder spout or belt at crucial points in the feeder’s cycle. Consistent product depth is critical to controlling and achieving better moisture uniformity in the final product. Precise control of a product’s moisture content has a considerable impact on the cost of producing a saleable unit of product, as over-drying lowers production and wastes energy. Precise bed loading facilitates uniform drying, reducing energy costs, increasing production, creating a more consistent level of product quality and improving the performance and reliability of upstream and downstream processing.

Upgrade your current oscillating feeder with an OSP/OBP feeder control retrofit - Calculate your individual ROI

Take your existing oscillating feeder to the next level of productivity with the AeroFeed OSP/OBP retrofit package. The AeroFeed OSP/OBP retrofit package includes a mounting kit with cover, proximity sensing instrumentation, a pre-programmed drive mechanism, and potentiometer adjusters installed in a pre-assembled junction control box. Download the flyer below to see an example return on investment on the OSP/OBP retrofit package. Plug in your actual numbers to calculate your own ROI.

How an inconsistent bed depth affects productivity and energy use.

A product bed that is higher in the middle than at the sides will over-dry the sides in order for the center to reach the desired moisture content.


A product bed that is lower in the middle than at the sides will over-dry the center in order for the sides to reach the desired moisture content.


The AeroFeed OSP/OBP feeder provides a consistent depth across the entire product bed, improving productivity and efficiency, and significantly increasing moisture content consistency.

AeroFeed OSP/OBP render A consistent depth across the product bed is key to achieving uniform product moisture. If the product is not spread evenly across the bed, air follows the path of least resistance and dries the product unevenly. Therefore, feeding mechanisms are extremely important to drying performance. The AeroFeed OSP/OBP is the most accurate technology available today for the consistent loading of product onto a conveyor dryer bed.


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