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Temperature and vibration management


Our temperature and vibration management (TVM) is a digital service powered by Bühler Insights which measures the temperature and vibrations inside your rollers with continuous analysis by proprietary algorithms.

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Key benefits

Detection of critical operation conditions

By detecting critical operation conditions early, such as overtemperature or serious imbalances, you can ensure safe, reliable and predictable operation.

Precise process know-how

TVM offers the chance for the miller to understand the grinding process based on data. This is crucial when it comes to recipe and job optimization.

Constant product quality – low energy

With TVM, you can make sure that your product quality remains constant while minimizing energy consumption – even remotely.

Application possibilities

Connect your roller mills to the digital world

Understand your processes at a glance

Temperature and vibration visualization

Temperature and vibrations for each roller can be monitored on a live dashboard via our central IoT platform Bühler Insights. Whether it's in your pocket or displayed in the control room, thanks to the data provided by the TVM, inefficiencies can be quickly identified.

Optimize your grinding process

Automated detection of temperature imbalances

Temperature imbalances can have a big impact on granulation, roller wear, energy consumption and throughput. Our algorithms will support you during production by providing notifications when such imbalances are detected. No need to be glued to the monitor!

Mitigate impact on production

Automated overtemperature detection

Temperature spikes on the rollers can be recorded when the product is winding around the roller, for example. Closely monitoring these critical operation points means you are now able to act to reduce their frequency.

Included in your TVM subscription

Continuous release of new features

Future features that are already in development will be continuously released to our subscribed customers. By combining digital services, exclusive features will also be unlocked.



The TVM service and its features are set to become a standard in the milling industry as the millers will be able to focus on their core activities and handover process stability to the algorithms.

Alexis Noel, Digital Services Product Manager, Bühler Group

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