Roll Service

Fast. Flexible. Efficient.

Like all wear parts, rolls need regular maintenance. Because if corrugated rollers are blunted or smooth rollers have become worn, this directly affects your productivity. When it comes to looking after your rolls, Bühler’s experts will always find the best solution, whether it’s a straightforward check-up or just-in-time replacement. And what’s more, they will carry it out with minimum downtime.

Bühler roll services can be purchased individually or as a complete package. We offer servicing, upgrade and replacement, transport logistics and maintenance management, including scheduling services at the correct times.

How our service benefits you:

  • You enjoy consistent levels of machinery performance and optimum yields.
  • You minimize downtime.
  • You reduce your overheads and improve your ability to plan ahead.

We would be delighted to speak to you to discuss which of our roll services would best meet your specific needs.

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