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Mechanical maintenance

1 week
Milling Academy, Uzwil, Switzerland
Mechanical maintenance staff with basic knowledge and skills
English, German, Spanish, other languages on request

You will learn how to maintain a mill efficiently – how to organize basic maintenance, carry out roll changes, bearing changes and general machine maintenance. But this isn’t just theoretical training. You will regularly spend time working with the latest milling machines to learn how to perform maintenance on them and for a close-up look at how they work.

Basic mechanical knowledge and technical skills. This course is well-suited for mechanical maintenance staff.

  • Invitation letter for visa application
  • Hands-on access to some of the latest milling machines
  • Regular time in front of the key machines in our Milling Academy hall and our fully equipped school mill
  • Printed training documents
  • One social event with dinner
  • Unlimited access to Wi-Fi and Internet


Dates & Booking

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Your course instructor

Instructor mechanical services

Matthias Lanzrein

Milling Academy

Matthias'  primary areas of expertise are the mechanical maintenance trainings. Depending on the level or the job function of the course participants, the program may vary in content. Parts of the program can be customized in advance. This way the participants are getting what they need to know in order to maintain the milling equipment.

Matthias gained a lot of experience throughout his professional career. Such as the many years of experience abroad in the field of assembly, conversions and services come in very handy when teaching the customers. 

Infrastructure and amenities

Milling Academy hall

You will be based at our Milling Academy hall. Our classroom is situated right next to our milling floor, where you can explore and have a close-up look at many of the latest milling machines.

School mill

For practical experience, spend time at our fully operational and fully equipped school mill. Use many of the latest milling machines and learn about performing maintenance on them in a normal industrial environment.


Spacious and comfortable lounge for breaks, including complimentary tea and coffee.

The course made me appreciate the importance of maintaining and setting up the machines correctly. How my work can be critical to the efficiency of our mill.

Mario Drakovic, Maintenance Mechanic, Sedalcol UK

How to find us

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Contact our course coordinator

Lisa Kellenberger

Milling Academy


+41 71 955 30 58

Bahnhofstrasse 114