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Grain processing for the ethanol industry

1 week
Milling Academy, Uzwil, Switzerland
Machine operators, technicians and maintenance personnel with moderate milling experience
English, other languages on request

You will learn how to make a starch mill efficient - about basic milling processes, machine design and plant operation, and also learn about ethanol equipment and process technology.

You will also become aware of how the principles of milling are applied in the ethanol industry, and come to understand finished products and how they are used. But this isn’t just theoretical training. You will spend an entire day at our fully operational school mill to learn cleaning, conditioning and milling techniques. You also have access to some of the latest milling machines for a close-up look at how they work.

Moderate milling experience. This course is well-suited for machine operators, technicians and maintenance personnel.

  • Invitation letter for visa application
  • Hands-on access to some of the latest milling machines
  • One day of practical experience at our fully operational school mill
  • Printed training documents
  • One social event with dinner
  • Unlimited access to Wi-Fi and Internet


Your course instructor

Senior Advisor, Biorefinery

Dirk-Michael Fleck

Bühler AG, Uzwil, Switzerland

Infrastructure and amenities

Milling Academy hall

You will be based at our Milling Academy hall. Here you will have classroom training right next to our milling floor, where you can explore and have a close-up look at many of the latest milling machines.

School mill

Gain practical experience at our fully operational and fully equipped school mill. Use many of the latest milling machines and learn about their operation in a normal industrial environment.


Spacious and comfortable lounge for breaks, including complimentary tea and coffee.

How to find us

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Contact our course coordinator

Lisa Kellenberger

Milling Academy


+41 71 955 30 58

Bahnhofstrasse 114