Expert Services

Application centers - test new ideas in the safety of our labs

Expert Services

Application centers - test new ideas in the safety of our labs

Use our application centers worldwide to test new product ideas and production processes without interrupting your main production. Our test centers are designed for food processing and advanced material production.


Bühler fully operational for customer trials

The Bühler global application center network is up and running. Even with global restrictions due to Covid19, Bühler has become particularly adept at performing trials with customers, either virtually or within a carefully managed “bubble.” 


By utilizing trial data capture, the Bühler Insights platform, remote visualization and video streaming, and on-site analytical labs, the Bühler teams work together with customers to plan, run, and adjust trials in real-time. Products are then sent for evaluation at customer sites. Although it is more fun to work side by side, the virtual trials are so efficient that Bühler will maintain this option even when travel is easier again. 


For physical trials, when national rules and travel allow, Bühler has excellent practices in place, from rapid testing, to distancing, masks, disinfection, and safe behavior, to create the safest possible work situation.


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Your benefits

Share our expertise and production lab

Test new product ideas

Try out small batches of new products or recipes at our application center. Then scale up for full production at your own manufacturing plant.

Improve your production process

Work with our engineers, food scientists and other experts to improve your production process.

Test our new technologies and production processes

See how our latest technologies can help make your products.

Our application centers

Join us in one of our R&D centers worldwide

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