Customer care

Quick access to spare and wear parts

Customer care

Quick access to spare and wear parts

In the event of a breakdown, you need spare parts fast. That is why we run stock centers worldwide, so you can get quick access to spare and wear parts wherever you are. Just order online 24/7 on myBühler, our customer portal.
So why use original Bühler spare parts?
Our spare and wear parts all have a high performance - designed to keep your production lines operating efficiently 24/7.

Our machines are high-tech and high-performance. That is why we have carefully chosen parts, which align and work well together. Any change to this system, such as not using Bühler spare parts, can affect the performance of your machines.

Your benefits

Making our expertise work for you

Reduce downtime

Get spare parts quickly from our local stocks

Our quality control

We manufacture our spare parts to the same high quality as the part you need to replace originally installed in our machines.

High performance

Our spare parts are all designed for high performance.

Our spare and wear parts

Avoid breakdowns and downtime with preventative maintenance

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