Expert Services

Secure your operation 24/7 with Remote Support

Expert Services

Secure your operation 24/7 with Remote Support

Bühler is your solution partner anywhere, anytime. RemoteCare adds the possibility to service you in times of unprecedented break-downs, increasing uptime and securing operation 24/7. In this rapidly changing world, we are here to support you remotely, round-the-clock, to meet your business needs without the need to travel to your site. Along with continued high-quality support, together we partner to additionally save on travel time, costs and CO2 emissions. We have 500 remote support engineers worldwide, all highly trained, each of them attending 15 days of training every year.

Your benefits

Making our expertise work for you

Reduce downtime

Our skilled experts work 24/7 to help keep your plant operating and increase the uptime.

Reliable and fast troubleshooting

Our engineers are trained to find quick but sustainable solutions.

On-job knowledge sharing

Each time we work together, we are also sharing knowledge to your team, helping establish the skills in your plant.

RemoteCare Packages

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