Customer care


Customer care


Maintain your Bühler equipment with our trained engineers. Prolong the life of your machine, increase uptime and help reduce operating costs.
We have 750 service engineers based in 92 service stations worldwide. All our engineers are highly trained.

Maintenance is only as effective as the skills of the engineers. That is why we invest heavily in training all our service engineers. Each of our engineers receives 15 days of training each year.
You can also work with us to design your own preventative maintenance plan. Work with our expert engineers to create and carry out a maintenance schedule specially designed for your plant and to avoid downtime.

Your benefits

Making our expertise work for you

Reduce downtime

Predictive maintenance helps prevent unexpected downtime.

Extend the lifetime of your equipment

Take care of your investment. Regular maintenance helps prolong the life of your machinery.

Reduce costs

A targeted maintenance program can prevent sudden breakdowns or major repairs.

Our maintenance services

Prolong the life of your plant

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