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Automatic hopper scale

Tubex ™ Pro

The brand new cloud-connected scale Tubex Pro takes productivity and traceability to the next level. Superior energy efficiency, hygienic design, outstanding precision, and an optimized measuring algorithm make Tubex Pro the next generation of scales.

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Key benefits

Cloud connectivity

Integrated into Bühler’s cloud-based platform Bühler Insights. This means that digital services can be used to maximize yield and productivity. Monitor multiple scales simultaneously and in real time, from any internet device, in any location.

Top sanitation, with virtually no product build-up

Made of stainless steel and food safety approved materials. Its hygienic design allows for easy cleaning, maintenance, and product changeover. There are no small moving parts in contact with the product, eliminating the risk of contamination.

Reduced energy consumption and extended lifetime

It runs with top-quality and long-lasting servo drives, which replace the need for a pneumatic drive, thereby reducing the energy consumption by more than 90%. Resulting in savings of up to 5000 USD per scale per year.

New generation of smart scales

Cloud connectivity

Integrated into Bühler Insights

Tubex Pro is ready to be remotely monitored from Bühler Insights, and to benefit from its digital services. Real-time tracking of the scale condition, current and historic throughputs, alarms, warnings, recipes and jobs. With the yield management system YMS, take full control of the yield at any step of the process. Tubex Pro has set new standards, maximizing process efficiency and profit.

Reduction in energy consumption

Energy efficiency

We have replaced the pneumatic drive system with top quality servo drives, featuring built-in supercaps that store and reuse the energy. Compared to pneumatics, the servo drive technology is much more energy-efficient. It reduces the energy consumption by over 90%, meaning savings of up to 5000 USD per scale, per year. Bühler have been the first in introducing this technology in the industry.

Precise measurements

Best accuracy and dependability

Tubex Pro uses three extremely precise load cells that, combined with intelligent algorithms, provide the best possible accuracy. When big volumes of raw material are processed, and there are very few variables to drive profit (commodities), accuracy becomes crucial. Having precise measurements at the right time offers the ability to control the production and maximize yield.

Key topics

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. Our motto is creating “innovations for a better world.” Find out more about our key topics.

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