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Optical sorter

SORTEX E1E PolyVision

The SORTEX E is a high-throughput optical sorter for plastic PET flakes. Its PolyVision technology detects same-in-color polymer contaminants such as PVC, PP and PE. It helps to reduce foreign plastic types such as PS, PA (Nylon), POM flakes and silicone.

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Key benefits

Maximize your profitability

The SORTEX E PolyVision optical sorter will help you to increase the value of your recycled products. It uses high-definition color cameras to remove unwanted colored PET flakes such as polyolefines (including bottle caps).

Effortless contaminant removal

The SORTEX E PolyVision analyses the unique chemical composition of same-in-color polymer contaminants such as PVC, PP, PE, PS, PA (Nylon), POM, and silicone.

Your complete PET sorting solution

Pair the SORTEX E PolyVision with the SORTEX A ColorVision optical sorter to optimize color, polymer, and foreign material detection. This combination delivers the highest quality and purity of recycled flakes.

Highlight features

Highest grade of plastic flakes

Adding a layer of assurance with PolyVision detection technology

The SORTEX PolyVision technology uses transreflective sorting to detect polymer contaminants in transmissive and opaque form by their unique chemical signature.


Stores up to 100 sorting modes for easy product changeover

The SORTEX E PolyVision can store up to 100 sorting modes. This offers a quick and easy product changeover for clear, blue, green, and jazz PET flakes. The sorter automatically calibrates during setup.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Customized services and support with presence in over 140 countries

Our extensive local presence offers quick and fast turnaround of emergency support, spares, and service packages, maximizing your overall equipment effectiveness. Additionally, for further sorter optimization, the SORTEX Anyware service feature can also be activated to allow our engineers have remote access and make real-time adjustments.

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