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Small-scale bar production system

SnackFix ™

SnackFix is a small-scale production system for a diverse range of cereal bars. The flexible modular design is a good way to start your industrial production, capable of producing up to 130 kg of cereal bars per hour.

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Key benefits

Easy to switch between products

The rolls can be easily exchanged and adjusted, making the unit ideal for a large variety of products. All of the parts in contact with your product are made from stainless steel, making it easy to clean thoroughly between batches.

Total control over your operation

The touch panel gives you easy, precise control over the process. From here, you can control the dosing unit, the storage tank temperature, the binder pump or your ContiMix extruder.

Simple operation

Your cereal blend is mixed continuously with a binder in the mass preparation unit. After mixing, the mass is fed to the transport belt, rolled into a continuous product slab and then cut to the desired product width. Ready in minutes!

Highlight features

A compact solution

The smart way to launch your cereal bar production

The SnackFix includes a continuous mixer, a cooling tunnel and a cutting system, all in one – everything you need for quality production. The combination of those elements allows you to manufacture a huge variety of cereal bars, at a volume of up to 130 kg per hour.

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