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The Osiris pearls durum wheat and hulls barley, sorghum and pulses for the milling and pasta industry. It produces almost speck-free semolina. Diamond-coated grinding wheels give a high level of food safety, avoiding splinters and damage to the product.

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Key benefits

Process up to 12 tons of grain an hour

The Osiris has a throughput of 12 tons of grain an hour, depending on the pearling degree and type of grain. This is due to its large grinding surface and powerful motor.

Reduce energy by up to 20% in milling and pasta production

The Osiris uses up to 20% less energy than other grain pearlers with the same throughput. This is due to its direct drive, large rotor diameter and diamond-coated grinding wheels.

High level of food safety

The Osiris uses 10 diamond coated grinding wheels. Diamond is the hardest and longest lasting of all grinding materials. So unlike stone, the Osiris’ grinding wheels won’t wear or break off easily into the grain. This helps to prevent food contamination.

Highlight features

Increase yields and quality

Purer, almost speck-free semolina – great for pasta production

The Osiris is suited to pearl the outer hull layers from grain and pulses. Its servo drive motor and diamond-coated grinding wheels are tough and powerful, increasing the yield but with minimal grain breakage. The Osiris leaves fewer hulls in the semolina, making it purer and great for pasta production.

Designed for easy maintenance

Replace the grinding wheels in just two hours

You can repair worn machine parts through the door of the aspiration channel. This folds up giving lots of space to reach inside. You can even replace the grinding wheels in just two hours. The direct drive cuts down maintenance compared to drive belts, and avoids oil spills on the roller floor. And it is also quiet to run.

Designed for easy operation

Control the pearler automatically or directly

You can control the pearler automatically from your control room. Or operate it directly through a built-in display on the machine. The servomotor is very powerful, so you can regulate the pearling degree quickly and accurately. You can also use the Bühler WinCos control system to integrate the Osiris into the full automation system of your plant.

We have replaced the belt drive with a direct drive, placing the motor under the rotor. This reduces the pearler’s footprint compared to its predecessors and helps to save space in your plant.

Sensors constantly monitor the temperature of the roller bearings. If they overheat, an alarm goes off and the main motor shuts down. This avoids damage to the grain and any potential accidents such as dust explosions.

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