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Online color and specks measurement

The online color and specks measurement unit MYHB continuously monitors product color and specks during flour and semolina production. It provides detection of even subtle color deviations and contamination in real time.

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Key benefits

Store your data for transparency and traceability

Take accurate measurements and document the milling process online. Save the data to track trends and the quality of your flour or semolina. This provides transparency and traceability should any product recalls or food safety issues arise.

Maintain a consistent quality in flour and semolina

Analyze the color and specks in flour and semolina in real time. Use the data to quickly or automatically adjust your production process. This helps to keep the quality of the finished product consistent. There’s no need to wait for laboratory results.

Eliminate laboratory tests

The measurement unit MYHB replaces subjective test methods where values frequently vary, such as the Pekar test or the manual counting of specks. The system is also constantly monitoring color and specks, so laboratory tests are not needed anymore.

Highlight Features

Compact, flexible design

Retrofit existing milling systems

The online color and specks measurement unit MYHB is compact so it can be easily fitted into existing components including gravity spouts, scales, and retarding sections.

Combine with our NIR Online Analyzer

Measure gluten, moisture, ash, and starch damage

Get an even better view of what’s happening during your milling process with our other sensor, the NIR Multi-Online Analyzer. This system monitors moisture, protein, ash, gluten, water absorption and starch damage in raw, intermediate, and end products. View the data in real time and store it online for future reference. Measure up to 6 different points of your process with one spectrometer.

Accurate analysis

A special high-resolution camera monitors color and size of specks

The core of the online color and specks measurement unit MYHB is a high-resolution camera, fitted to the gravity spouting. It measures color values in the CIE color spectrum, L*a*b*. It also takes a constant stream of images of the product passing by, recognizing brown and black specks from 80 micrometers up and classifying them by size.

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Real-time analysis of color and specks in flour and semolina

Experienced millers are concerned about color deviations and a high number of specks in the end product. The online color and specks measurement unit checks for color and specks in real time, so you can adjust your milling process without waiting for lab results.

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