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Pressurized spot depositor

Mondomix PSD

The Mondomix PSD pressurized spot depositor accurately deposits pressure sensitive products and is suitable for masses with medium viscosity such as aerated chocolate, marshmallows or dairy products.

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Key benefits

Versatile design

The Mondomix PSD is available in different designs: the PSD I for aerated and non-aerated masses, PSD II for sensitive products, PSD III as an ultra-hygienic version, and the PSD IV, and V for double-row depositing and encapsulated products.

Adaptation to different applications

Its modular design makes it easy to adapt the Mondomix PSD to different dosing applications.

Featuring cleaning-in-place

The Mondomix PSD III is especially fitted with a CIP system meeting the highest sanitary production standards.

Highlight features

Individual production solutions

Depositing on the spot

The pistons open and close while depositing the mass. Allowing the depositing of heaped products such as angel kisses, chocolate and marshmallows. Each nozzle can be individually adjusted to change the amount of mass deposited.

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