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Batter mixing system

Mondomix BMS

The Mondomix BMS batter mixing system is a modular, compact wafer batter mixing system. The machine can be configured according to the application.

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Key benefits

Easy cleaning

The batter mixing system is made of stainless steel and equipped with short pipes that make it easy to clean.

Modular system

You can easily integrate the batter mixing system into your production line thanks to the flexible control architecture.

Mixing made simple

The Mondomix BMS has control panels on each mixing cell for program mixing sequences according to your product requirements, or you can opt for automation. This makes processes reproducible.

Highlight features

Modular system

Compact batter mixing

The batter mixing system consists of a mixing cell, a buffer tank and a control and instrumentation station (CIS). This setup can be modified with different tank executions, automation modules and other add-ons. The intensive circulation of the ingredients produces lump-free batter in a short time.

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Application possibilities

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