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Modular moulding line

ChocoX ™

Have you ever met a moulding line with a completely modular design? Then let us introduce you to our ChocoX: making unlimited crossovers of the process line and quick adaptations to different products are possible now. Starting a new era of moulding!

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Key benefits

Consistent modular

With our ChocoX you have more options than ever to plan your production by being able to easily reorganize the process chain. With several movable modules, you are able to adapt the line to your latest product ideas.

Less to clean

All modules work without chains, no installations underneath the depositing sections and retractable transport belts in the demoulding section - bringing the line on a new hygiene standard.

More time for production

Our new ChocoX provides a considerable reduction of downtime thanks to less cleaning and maintenance efforts needed.

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Highlight features

It was never that easy

Plug and produce

Setting up on site and launching the operation of our ChocoX just happens within one week. Thanks to standardized self-contained modules, assembling and removal of each module only takes 30 minutes. Line extensions are ready in half the time than other solutions.

Compact cooler

Optimized performance and increased sustainability

Our new ChocoX comes with a reduced footprint thanks to integrated control boxes that replace all central switch cabinets. Besides that it offers a significantly higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Optimized shaking modules shorten the shaking time and the decreased cooling volume adds to the line’s lower energy consumption.

Integrated buffering

The new ChocoX is unstoppable – in the truest sense of the word

The highly efficient buffering system makes the extension with an external buffering system obsolete and offers exceptional cost advantage from day one. In addition, the process keeps the important thermal consistency at an ideal level, including the transition to packaging. The smart buffering reacts to the packaging output so our ChocoX can keep running even during a stop in the packing process.

Moulding lines are prone to getting dirty quickly and usually they are hard to access. With the new ChocoX, however, we set new standards also in terms of hygienic design. All modules work without chains. In addition to increased food safety, the chainless line design lowers the maintenance efforts. Generally, cleaning time per module is only 30 minutes.

The fully automatic mould handling system further increases the line’s efficiency. There is no more need to carry the heavy moulds. The handling system simply distributes the moulds automatically for you. And it is only one of the line’s highlights that reduce operation efforts.

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