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Sandwiching machine

Meincke SWM

The compact Meincke SWM sandwiching machine efficiently produces all kinds of cream-filled biscuit sandwiches at high speed, including processing very stiff creams.

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Key benefits

High output

The Meincke SWM can produce from 700 to 2800 sandwiches per minute, depending on the model of the machine.

More possibilities in production

Suitable for cut and molded biscuits, whether round, rectangular or square with a diameter or length between 35 and 65 mm.

Precise adjustments

You can adjust the cream volume and the deposit centering during standstill and operation, eliminating downtimes for adjustments.

Highlight features

Operating principle

Sandwiching cream-filled biscuits

The bottom biscuits are placed onto a chain conveyor which transfer the product below a rotating cream head. The cream depositing head deposits a preset amount of filling mass onto the bottom biscuits. After the cream application the top biscuits are placed onto the cream deposit and pressed down to achieve a uniform sandwich height before the sandwiches are delivered to the next machine.

Precise depositing

Accurate filling

The cream is applied precisely and uniformly, even when starting and stopping the machine.

Processing all types of creams

Even stiff creams can be processed

The double-walled cream tank and cream pipes with water jackets allow uniform tempering of the cream. This enables the processing of special creams and operating, even in difficult climatic conditions.

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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