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Rotary molder

Meincke GF2

Mold a wide range of products with the Meincke GF2, from biscuits, butter cookies and low-fat biscuits to pet treats. It provides high weight accuracy and uniform production results.

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Key benefits

High speed and hygienic design

All components that come in direct contact with the dough are made of food-grade materials. The bottom part of the machine is completely open so that there are no inaccessible corners and to facilitate cleaning.

Individual process adjustment

All settings are fully repeatable. The drives and rollers are controlled by individual frequency inverters, so that you can control and adjust all speeds independently to ensure full flexibility.

Easy access to all relevant parts

The web can be dismantled using a minimum of tools. The open construction of the side plates also facilitates changing the web fast.

Highlight features

Operating principle

Molding biscuits, cookies and more

The dough falls into the gap between the grooved feed roller and the engraved die roller. A sensor keeps the dough level constant to ensure maximum weight accuracy. The rollers rotate towards each other, and the dough is pressed into the cavities to shape the biscuits. An extraction roller then takes the biscuits from the die roller.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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