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Gauge rollers

Meincke Duomat

The Meincke Duomat gauge rollers shapes pre-formed dough sheets to a determined thickness. It also compacts and smooths the dough sheets to prepare them for further processing.

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Key benefits

Special surface

A special ceramic roller coating prevents certain types of dough from sticking to the rollers of the Meincke Duomat.

Quick-changes of conveyor belts

All Meincke Duomat input feeder conveyors are equipped with endless tru-trac belts, supporting a tool-free quick-change feature for cleaning and service.

Sturdy construction

The robust frame plate construction of the Meincke Duomat ensures the exact parallelism of the machine. Their high surface hardness extends the service life of the rollers.

Highlight features

Preparing dough for further processing

Smoothing and calibrating dough sheets

The Meincke Duomat receives the dough sheet from the Meincke Preomat roller sheeter. The rollers calibrate the dough to the desired thickness and the sheet is compacted and smoothed. The finished sheet is transferred to further processing.

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