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Make-up table for sponge cakes

Meincke CDOR

The cake processing station consists of a Meincke CDOR make-up table with one or multiple modules that give Swiss rolls and layer cakes their final shape. This machine rolls, layers and decorates sponge cake.

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Key benefits

Flexible rolling devices

The conveyor and the rolling unit are independent from each other. Quickly exchange the shaft to switch between family and mini rolls. Use the scales to repeat the settings.

Synchronized production steps

All necessary steps for one specific product are synchronized to support continuous performance on the sponge cake line.

Various product options

From a cream manifold to an overlapping unit, a syrup dripper and more – equip the processing station with different shaping and decorating components for your individual product.

Highlight features

Multifunctional operation

Flexible production of various products

The Meincke CDOR make-up table can be equipped with the following modules: longitudinal cutter, device for syrup depositing, jam and cream manifold, overlapping unit for making layer cakes, rolling devices for Swiss rolls, guillotine for layer cakes and Swiss rolls, acceleration belt for separating products before they are sent to the cooling and packing table.

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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