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Dough feeder

Meincke 2011

The Meincke 2011 dough feeder accurately and continuously feeds dough to a shaping machine for products such as cookies, biscuits and crackers.

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Key benefits

Controlled feeding

The Meincke 2011 dough feeder controls the dough volume with a photocell that checks the level of the dough and prompts new feeding when needed.

Choose you configuration

You can adapt our dough feeder to your plant configuration and use it for feeding from the ceiling, or with a handle bowl from a preferred side. The conveyor length, types of feed rollers, use of metal detector, etc. can be configured to meet your needs.

Heavy load possible

The Meincke 2011 dough feeder can lift 1000 kg of dough.

Highlight features

Lower labor costs

Smooth dough handling

Using our Meincke 2011 dough feeder reduces labor costs and feeds dough accurately and consistently.

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Application possibilities

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