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Precision optics vacuum coater


The Leybold Optics IBS series offers ion beam sputtering with extremely low-loss optical coatings, ideal for the production of your high-precision coatings for laser optics, gyroscopes, metrology, microscopy, telecom and other demanding applications.

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Key benefits

Lowest defect densities and scatter values

The ion beam sputtering technology in the IBS series offers you a production with minimal defect generation. The drive system within the processing chamber allows components to be optimally oriented to one another for even greater coating performance.

Highest flexibility of target materials

Choosing from a broad range of target materials, you can process up to three different materials within the processing chamber at the same time, helping you to meet even the most challenging production requirements.

Coating on curved and large substrates

The Leybold Optics IBS series meets your needs for curvature and ever-larger substrate diameters, capable of coating diameters of up to 600 mm.

Highlight features

Coating of substrates of up to 600 mm diameter

A choice of machine sizes

You can choose the Leybold Optics IBS 1400 for substrates up to 400 mm diameter or the Leybold Optics IBS 1600 for a maximum diameter of 600 mm, giving you broader coating capabilities for today and for the future.

On-substrate optical monitoring

Remarkable coating uniformities

The globally proven Leybold Optics OMS 5100 optical monitoring system within the Leybold Optics IBS series delivers the exact termination of the deposition process of every single layer, meeting the challenging demands for laser, gyroscope mirrors, metrology, microscopy and telecom applications.

Smart machine design

Best performance without mask and shutter systems

Conventional systems that rely on masking to shape the uniformity and shutter systems to prepare the source for the coating process can generate unwanted particles. The Leybold Optics IBS coater series achieves its high uniformity level and low particle generation without masks or shutters, to bring you a better overall coating quality.

To maintain the processing chamber under stable processing conditions, you can add an automated load-lock system to the Leybold Optics IBS 1400 HP machine.

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