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Hammer mill

Granulex® 5 Series

In addition to exceptional efficiency and ease of maintenance, our Granulex 5 Series is characterized by its high throughputs. Distinguished by flexibility, each hammer mill is specifically configured according to its field of application.

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Key benefits

Over 10% increase in throughput

Designed for high requirements in stringent industries. The innovative design of the machine allows consistent grinding quality, even with high throughputs.

Over 10% reduction in energy consumption

The optimized design of the Granulex 5 series ensures significant energy savings. Unwanted fines are reduced, and raw material are ground to precisely the required granulation.

Over 50% reduction in changeover times

Simple handling of the machine with reduced downtime. Easy access and ergonomic handling of all wear elements such as hammers, screen and impact sheets.

Advanced features in the all new portfolio.

Granulex® 5 Series

Hammer mill Granulex® 5 Series

The smart modular design increases the flexibility to meet the requirements of any application. Each Granulex 5 Series hammer mill is configured specifically for its intended application. The many degrees of freedom in the configuration allows very detailed requirements to be met. 


Granulex® 5 Series

Changing screens is fast and simple

The no tool rapid screen change latch makes screen changes fast and simple. The single-size dimension screen means the same screen can fit into any location in the hammer mill, minimizing your screen inventory complexity. Operators will love the friendly and safe Granulex ® 5 Series.

Granulex® 5 Series

Safe access to the grinding chamber

The two large main doors can be easily opened and slid to the side. It means the sliding doors do not obstruct the operator during maintenance work. The safety of personnel is always guaranteed thanks to the constant monitoring of the door and active locking during operation. A safety circuit guarantees that the machine cannot start when the doors are open.


Granulex® 5 Series

Changing hammers has never been easier

Downtime is no longer an issue for Granulex 5 Series hammer mills. Hammers can be replaced independently by one person. The patented Bühler hammer cages enables an operator to prepare the new hammer sets completely outside of the machine. The prepared sets are then simply installed in the machine and picked up by a classic hammer shaft. Simple to use and reliable.

Granulex® 5 Series

Optimized grinding chamber

At the product inlet, product flow is improved because a diverter is not needed. Integrated impact plates pre-grind.  The three regrind chambers utilize air turbulence to slow down and redirect the raw material increasing efficiency and reducing wear and screen blockages.


Granulex® 5 Series

Delivering Grinding Benefits: Reduced Energy and Maintenance Costs

The way we operate has changed in recent times due to rising energy costs. The Granulex® 5 series delivered significant energy savings compared to our current hammer mills. The Granulex 5 also benefits our operations with reduced maintenance time and optimized granulation.

Heiko Almann, Managing , Director at Agravis

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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