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Die-casting machine


Fusion is the next generation, three-platen die-casting platform, offering 3500 to 14000 kN locking force. Closed-loop control, modular design and Industry 4.0 capability make this the future-proof solution for your aluminum and magnesium die casting.

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Key benefits

Shorter cycle times and lower energy usage

The optimized geometry of Fusion's three-platen system supports shorter cycle times. Servo drives help to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.

Easy to operate. Easy to service.

Fusion makes it easy for your operators to monitor and control the machine with our DataView system. The safety fences open up to reveal well-organized energy frames and easy access to key components.

Designed for higher system availability

Based on 90 years of die casting experience, Fusion brings innovative advances in precision, control and operability to deliver higher-uptime for your foundry.

Fusion: next generation die casting

Innovative machine design

Modular energy frames

All interfaces between the die and the machine are contained in a modular energy frame which gives you full flexibility for machine configuration and production. This allows you to choose from a wider range of options to match the precise needs of your process. Each side of the machine can be equipped with up to three energy frame rows, giving you room for upgrades and future repurposing.

Precision shot control

Real-time controlled injection unit

Fusion’s closed-loop and real-time controlled injection unit gives you best quality, repeatable part production, every shot. Real-time adjustments, during the movement of the plunger, keeping parts within parameters, enhancing your reproducible quality, reducing your cycle times and preserving your die for longer.

Reduced cycle time

Faster closing unit than ever before

The optimized geometry of the three-platen system supports shorter cycle times. A new material balance offers improved rigidity with reduced weight, giving you faster, more precise closing, whilst using less energy. Combined with the new smoother servo-drive, energy savings can be as a high as 40%. The reengineered closing unit allows more room for larger dies.

Dataview control

Reduce programming times by up to 25%

DataView makes it easy for your operators to control your die-casting machine from the ergonomic user interface. Simple graphical interfaces and recipe management make programing up to 25% faster. You can manage real-time control and adjustments direct from the touch screen. Prompts and alarms help with daily operation and provide practical assistance for targeted diagnostics and analyses.

Designed for your 24/7 foundry

Safety first, ergonomic design

You can see that Fusion has been designed with your foundry in mind. The new smoother lines safely keep electrical and mechanical parts away from your people. The injection unit splash guard, the well-arranged die-machine interfaces and a new safety PLC system complete a comprehensive safety first approach.


A new digital brain for your cell

SmartCMS can link all of the peripherals and compenents in your Fusion cell in one system. That can deliver improvements through equipment connectivity, cell automation and operation, centralized alarms, data collection, flexible part flow and recipe management. This can save you time and improve uptime in numerous ways.

Fusion is being built at our factories in Europe, Asia and the US, providing regional hubs for consulting, configuring, installation and support. Service and maintenance is available through our global service stations, with 24/7 service and maintenance contracts available.

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