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Fully automatic bagging station


The first fully automatic bagging station from BTEC, Bühler and Premier Tech's joint venture, packs 20–50 kg bags with free-flowing granular products such as feed, pet food, rice, seeds or plastic pellets with throughputs of up to 600 bags per hour.

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Key Features

Highest standards of safety

All accesses are protected with certified safety switches. The fully enclosed bag attacher and lack of pinch points in the bag loading zone also make the machine safe for operators to run.

Lean and robust design

The various parts of CHRONOS OML-1060 have been simplified to create a leaner design with great accessibility, including, the bag magazine, the bag attacher, the bag spout, the conveyors and the sewing system.

Easy to clean and use

It is very easy to clean under the conveyors which have fewer legs than usual. The design of the bag spout with its clamps and flexible rubber pads ensures a tighter fit for the bag and reduces dust emissions.

High precision, cost-effective fully automatic bagging station

Enhanced productivity

A fully automatic solution

Rely on an effective solution to handle bagging processes fully automatically. Thanks to various sensors and machine intelligence, the location of the top of the bag is always known - from the bag separation to the bag closing and sewing – leaving no chance for failure.

Maximize availability

Reliable and carefree bagging

Flexible and carefree operation ensures maximum uptime. The system is designed for changing over recipes in minutes and provides robust handling of various bag types.

Ensure safety

Remarkable safety standards

High safety standards and smart risk mitigation are the new normal. The bagging station is equipped with guards and safety switches to protect operators at all times. The system is designed for hygienic processing with wide maintenance doors and stainless steel surfaces.

Bag Types


    Pillow bags are the most common type in bagging and can be handled with excellent precision.


A gusset is a panel that folds flat but expands when the bag is opened. Gusseted bags allow an enlarged content volume.

    Crossbottom bags have a flat buttom and are ideal for filling and display of loose goods like grains, animal feed, pellets and similar.


Bag Materials


The CHRONOS OML-1060 B can bag different typs of materials into paper bags. Paper bags are 100% biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. Many paper bags can withstand more pressure or weight than plastic bags.

Polywoven bags are made up of thin strips of polypropylene that are tightly woven together to create an industrial-grade fabric that is resistant to tears and punctures.

PolyWoven bags with innter liner are produced using extrusion lamination technology, suitable for automatic filling systems and easy to palletize.

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