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Waffle baking oven

Franz Haas SOW

Franz Haas waffle baking ovens combine high capacity and flexibility for the production of all types of rectangular or round waffles such as soft waffles, vanilla waffles, Belgian waffles, and crumbles.

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Key benefits

Higher capacity

The Franz Haas SOW comes with up to 121 baking plates in larger sizes. This increases capacity without using more space.

More flexibility

Quickly change the baking plates and drum thanks to the separate batter depositing cart.

Improved availability

The design of the machine facilitates maintenance, which results in less downtime.

Highlight features

Baking plates designed for efficiency

Flexibility meets high output

Franz Haas SOW ovens come with transversally arranged baking plates. This shortens the oven length and saves space. The cast iron alloy is designed for an optimum thermal performance and high wear resistance. The baking plates are quickly and easily removable for cleaning or product changeover without disassembling the baking chain.

Optimized chain tensioning

Prolonged service life

The chain tensioning system compensates the thermal expansion of the oven during production. This makes the machine more reliable.

Robust design

Modular, hygienic design

The robust steel frame with bolted running rails and closed tubular sections support hygienic production. Cleaning and maintenance are simplified through side and rear service doors. Vented side doors help lower energy consumption and prevent the oven surface from heating up. Increase production capacity with the modular design.

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