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Wafer block cooling tunnel

Franz Haas KKH

The Franz Haas KKH wafer block cooling tunnel cools cream-filled wafer blocks in wafer lines with tight height limits as well as products with relatively soft cream and products sprinkled with nuts or caramel.

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Key benefits

Clean conveyors

All Franz Haas KKH wafer block cooling tunnel conveyors are made either from stainless steel or durable special polymer, ensuring that they are easy to clean.

Easy access from all sides

Clean and maintain the cooling tunnel from all sides via the doors with PU foam insulation.

Constant temperature

A thermostat controls the temperature in the Franz Haas KKH to keep it constant at 8–10°C.

Highlight features

Reliable operation

Gentle cooling

The handover to the cooling tunnel is controlled with a light barrier. The horizontal construction of the Franz Haas KKH allows for especially gentle cooling because the wafer blocks are not turned around and kept at a constant temperature of 8–10°C.

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