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Wafer stick baking oven

Franz Haas EWB-R IND

The Franz Haas EWB-R IND is one of the leading fully automatic wafer stick baking ovens. Produce filled sticks, two-colored sticks, wafer pillows, pressed sticks, fan-shaped sticks and more with environmentally friendly induction heating.

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Key benefits

Flexible end product design

Individualize your production line to achieve your unique end product. Add-ons to your Franz Haas EWB-R allow for the production of various surfaces as well as twisting and crimping of the wafer sticks.

Energy-efficient, sustainable production

Thanks to its emission-free induction heating, the Franz Haas EWB-R produces more sustainably.

Designed for easy operation

The baking oven and all additional machines of the Franz Haas EWB-R are operated through a centrally arranged touch screen.

Highlight features

Operating principle

The makings of a flexible wafer solution

Strips of batter with a high sugar content (40 – 70%) are poured onto a revolving heated baking ring. After baking, stripping knives release the flexible batter strips, which are then wound around mandrels to form sticks. The sticks are cut to the desired length and transferred to a collecting conveyor via a chute or a wafer stick elevator.

Sturdy construction

Precision in baking

The Franz Haas EWB-R has a uniformly stable structure. Its steel ring and the suspended installation with an overhead driving roller and a lateral support roller help ensure the consistent high quality of the wafer sticks.

Product varieties

More ideas, more products

Enjoy the opportunity of an utmost product variety. Use the filling device to fill sticks fully or partly, coat the inner side of the sticks over the entire surface or with cream stripes. The handling of aerated creams is also possible.

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