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Bran finisher

The bran finisher increases flour yields during the milling process by removing flour from bran. It is used for common wheat, durum and rye. It has a throughput of up to 1.8 tons per hour, or 3.6 tons per hour if you use the double machine.

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Key benefits

Choose from a range of models

The bran finisher MKLA comes in three different models, so you can choose the screen size and throughput capacity you need.

A spacious door for easier maintenance and screen changes

The bran finisher has a wide door so you can easily access, check and change the screens.

Increase your flour yields

The bran finisher separates flour particles sticking to the bran. This helps increase the yield of high-quality flour in your milling process.

Key features


How the bran finisher increases flour yields

The bran finisher uses slanted beater strips, which give the incoming stream of grain an extra axial motion to remove the flour from the bran. The shape of the screen makes it vibrate, which keeps the screen perforations clear. This all helps increase yields. You can use the MKLA as a bran finisher or for pre-extraction at a mill.

Sieve screens

Choose an optional synthetic screen frame for added food safety

The bran finisher comes with standard wooden screen frames. Or you can choose screen frames made out of stainless steel for added hygienization and food safety.

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