Grain sorting


Grain sorting

We understand the complexities of sorting different grain varieties; whole, grits, hulled and unhulled. We also understand that different grains present different challenges and contaminants such as foreign materials, seeds, discoloration and mycotoxins such as aflatoxins and DON. Our optical sorters can help.

We have developed various models, featuring different technologies to match specific sorting requirements including capacity.




Suitable for a range of wheat varieties including grains at different stages of the processing line to remove subtle defects, discolouration and mycotoxins such as DON.

Removes spot defects, discolouration and delivers exceptional consistency of appearance and quality,  whether whole grain or broken grains.

Suitable for Rye applications that requires removal of diseased rye, ergot, discolouration and various foreign materials.

Suitable for unhulled, hulled, and kilned oats/groats. Reduces  cross-contamination from other grain varieties, discolouration, subtle spots and various foreign material.

Highly effective in identifying and removing moulds and mycotoxins including vomitoxin (DON). Also used to minimise cross-contamination, broken, shrunken, shrivelled or naked barley grains.

Accurately detects and ejects damaged, discoloured, diseased grains, foreign seeds and field materials from a wide range of millet including unhulled or groats, to deliver consistent product quality, whilst maintaining high yields.

Suitable for both hulled and unhulled buckwheat. Effectively detects and removes discoloured grains, foreign seeds and challenging foreign materials such as sticks and stones of similar colour to buckwheat

More about grain sorting

Grain sorting

Our optical sorters are suitable for various grain varieties. These images are just a small sample selection of actual product and customer trials. 

Accept quality of wheat through optical sorting.
Defects removed through sorting removed vomitoxin (DON), ergot, discoloration, broken wheat, insect damaged grains and other grain varieties.
Accept quality of durum wheat through optical sorting.
Defects removed through optical sorting included naked, cracked kernels and foreign grains such wheat, rye and oats.
Cleaned rye grains through optical sorting.
Defects successfully removed through optical sorting included ergot, damaged rye grains and other unwanted grains such as barley, wheat and wild oats.

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